A night at “LEVEL – A La carte” restaurant, Melia Salinas

An “all-inclusive” package at Melia Salinas will guarantee you access to an extraordinary culinary experience during your entire stay, with amazing breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

But if one day (or maybe more) you want to enter a different world of flavours, a booking to the “LEVEL – A La carte” restaurant will give you the chance to embrace an exquisite cuisine culture for food sensations, whatever takes your mood.

If you don’t have a reason for a treat, invent one, you have at Melia Salinas the perfect holiday at the end of the day!

The LEVEL Lounge shows here it’s amazing versatility. The metamorphosis of the efficient bright area for LEVEL guests’ breakfast into a stylish dining space touched by an understated elegance is incredible. If you had breakfast that morning in the Lounge will be difficult, if not impossible to recognise the dining version of it. The accent lighting adds a personal flourish to the space, creating the right atmosphere for a sophisticated but relaxed dinner.

At the entrance the Maître D was waiting for me with a glass with Cava and after checking the reservation (don’t forget to book a table if you don’t want to be disappointed), he guided into the restaurant and giving me the choice of having a table in the elegant indoor area or one on the terrace with the breath-taking views of the Ocean. I decided for the outdoor option enjoying the shadows of the night on the next-door beach and the view of the incredible staircase designed by Fernando Higueras, seen now from a completely different angle.

Due to the pandemic and in line with the protocols of “Stay Safe with Melia” the classical menus were replaced with the more efficient QR code (so, don’t forget your smartphone). But our waiter was ready to replace the technology with a personal touch having plenty of recommendations for my dinner, proving not only strong product knowledge but bring to my attention the local products and the traditional cuisine.

I never been impressed by a multi-page menu which once reigned supreme in a restaurant. Though you may not realize it at first, a smaller menu can help you gain clarity on restaurant’s dining concept. A smaller menu not only easier makes the decision process easier for me, but it can also help increase the perception of quality. We all know that restaurants can’t be everything to everyone, and a large menu size can make it seem as though the Chef’s efforts are not focused. By limiting the menu to just a few offerings, it sends a message to guests that these dishes are restaurant’s specialties.

“LEVEL – A La carte” at Melia Salinas designed a successful formula for their menu.

To open your culinary celebration you can chose from 5 delicious starters, from the local “stars” Papas arrugadas with Mojo and the basic but delicious  Pimientos de Padron cooked with Janubio salt to a Grilled smoked Canarian cheese on tomato compote or Coca escalivada – the typical Catalan pizza-like pastry with fresh basil and truffle aroma. Prices from 8 to 12 Euros.

For the main dish you have a choice of 2 fish/seafood options (“cherne”/bass grouper or octopus) and meat options (duck or veal) all of them cooked to perfection with prices between 16 to 18 Euros.

And you can end your culinary adventure choosing one of the three deserts options with prices between 5 and 7 Euros.

Without being overwhelming the wine list has an excellent selection of international, Spanish and Canarian wines, all at very decent prices.

But let me tell you about my choice:

I started with a delicious “Timbal de aguacate y verduras de temporada con salmon de Uga y vinagreta de mango” ( 12 Euros) – the rich, buttery and creamy avocado, the smoky touch with a hint of the sea salt from the Janubio salt flats added to the fine texture of the salmon and the delicate zest of the mango vinaigrette created an exquisite starter big enough to open you appetite for the main course but small enough to leave space for the next culinary surprise.

When at Melia Salinas you need to try the delicious salmon just because Lanzarote is home to one of the best smoked salmons in the world. In the town of Uga, for more than 40 years, they use top-quality Norwegian and Scottish salmon and smoke it using sea salt from the Janubio salt flats, achieving the best flavour.

For the main course I decided for “Rejo de pulpo asado sobre crema de batatas y lagrimas de alioli” (18.50 Euros) The octopus was perfectly grilled, tender, succulent, with a crispy outside and a slightly smoky flavour. As the grilled octopus flavour is mostly influenced by the ingredients used along with it and the cooking method, the idea of placing the generous portion on a bed of sweet potato cream was great and the drops “alioli” added a flavour snap to the combination.

therefore I ordered TWO deserts: “Sorbete de mojito con aloe vera y toques de menta fresca” (5.50 Euros) and “Mousse de queso en cilindro de chocolate blanco sobre marmelada de cactus” (6.50 Euros) it is hard to say which one was my favourite.  The fresh taste of mint, zesty lime juice and white rum from the classic cocktail transformed into a fat-free dessert with the unexpected twist of slightly bitter, watery, with an acidic yet sweetish bite at the end added by the local aloe vera. Or the richer, fluffier texture and milder flavour of the cheese mousse perfectly contained and controlled by the suave, subtle taste of the white chocolate.

My choice for wine was “Vulcano de Lanzarote”, a local product, with a good structure in the mouth, fresh, a pleasant fruity and floral aroma and balanced acidity, which had a long and persistent flavour of white flowers (jasmin & manzanilla). Perfect choice for my fish/seafood choice for dinner.

If you add at all of this the elegant relaxed, with a pleasant smile service you will get the full image of a perfect night in “LEVEL – A La carte” restaurant at Melia Salinas. But, once again, don’t forget to book in advance. The restaurant is open only on Friday and Saturday and you can’t miss this exquisite experience.

Dinner at THE LEVEL – A la carte Restaurant, Melia Salinas

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