Join me and a group of amazing explorer from all around the world (USA, Canada, New Zeeland, UK, Australia) and discover centuries of history, architecture, traditions, tales & legends in a mixture of local life experiences and privilege access navigating the most important rivers of Europe: Danube, Main and Rhine


Once hidden behind the Iron Curtain, the eastern Danube still has secrets to reveal to a group of real Viking explorers in a cruise from Bucharest to Budapest: see Bucharest’s 3,000-room Palace of Parliament, make banitsa bread with a home cook  and be amazed by the incredible rocks of Belogradchik in Vidin,explore Belgrade’s Ottoman and European treasures, including 6th-century Kalemegdan Fortress, view the Danube’s towering Iron Gate, visit a Croatian family’s Osijek home, witness Hungary’s daredevil Puszta horsemen and finally behold Budapest’s grandeur.

Click here to see the video diary of this journey

  • “GRAND EUROPEAN TOUR” on board Viking EMBLA and Viking LIF

Discover one of the most iconic river cruise itinerary, tracing the legendary Danube, Main and Rhine Rivers between the stunning landscapes of Hungary and the windmill-dotted waterways of Holland, with engaging encounters at every bend. With an amazing group of guests from USA, UK, New Zeeland, Canada and Australia absorb the atmosphere of Budapest’s Café Gerbeaud and learn the Viennese waltz, sample the food and wine of Austria’s Wachau Valley, admire Rhine Valley vistas from a 900-year-old castle indulging all your senses on this 14-day journey spanning the best of Europe.

Click here to see the video diary of this journey


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