It’s not usual to write a second review about the same experience in the space of two or three months. The second time must be pretty bad if I would decide to write about it again…

But this time the story was completely different.

For sure you remember that in October last year I spent a week at Melia Tamarindos in San Agustin, Gran Canaria (you can actually read my first reviews MELIA TAMARINDOS – The secrets of under promising and over delivering  and TBN – The hidden gem of San Agustin . This year trying to escape the grey, cold, rainy January in Kent I decided to again spend 7 days in Gran Canaria. Furthermore, I pushed my luck and went back to the place which impressed me so much last year: MELIA TAMARINDOS San Agustin. Normally I would choose another place, taking in account my passion for new experiences and some hotels in Meloneras were quite a big temptation looking at services, prices and, of course, value for money. But something made me book the hotel in San Agustin again.

And here I am, at the end of January, landing in Las Palmas airport and ready for a new rendezvous with Melia Tamarindos. Expectations? Of course, quite high, after my previous experience. However, the following 7 days proved that when you put passion and professionalism in what you are doing, “exceeding expectations” is just part of a daily routine at Melia Tamarindos.

The check-in was, once again, flawless. I do like the idea of saving time when you arrive at your destination after a long flight and a lot of hotels around the world have now the on-line check-in which is great. At Melia Tamarindos the Reception team made one step further: if you booked a LEVEL room, 2-3 weeks prior to arrival, you will receive an e-mail from the Concierge and after spending couple of minutes providing the information requested, you can be sure that at your arrival everything will be ready waiting for you. The entire Front Desk & Concierge team, exemplarily led by Jiske Jager, the Guest Experience Manager, was once again fantastic…I hardy had time to enjoy a glass of cava in The LEVEL Lounge and my luggage were in the room and everything were waiting for me at the 6th floor.

Click here to see a video report about the check-in experience 

I have never agreed that for a holiday you need just a cheap room because you will just sleep there! Your accommodation, in a hotel or on a cruise ship, is part of the entire experience and therefore once again I decided for “full option”: The LEVEL, VISTA MAR Suite and All Inclusive.

I couldn’t wait to open the door of my room, the same magnificent LEVEL VISTA MAR Suite, this time #620! The 57m², the three clearly defined spaces: bedroom, lounge and bathroom and the inspired mixture between “MELIA LEVEL” style (minimalist, modern, sleek, smooth and glossy) and the ‘70s glory of the “old” hotel look with couple of pieces of furniture in strong colours, made LEVEL VISTA MAR Suite the perfect choice for a perfect holiday, especially when the weather is not on your side. And as before the massive room was pristine with a daily cleaning and an evening turn-down service with an immense attention to detail, making everything spick and span, with every item placed in the same position like they were never moved.

Click here to see a video report about the “LEVEL VISTA MAR Suite” experience

This January the weather wasn’t what you will expect in Gran Canaria and actually, according to Televisión Canaria, was the coldest winter in the last 20 years with strong winds, rain and even snow in the mountains. This could have been a holiday disaster but, fortunately, Melia Tamarindos has a gorgeous heated pool which made me forget that the next-door beach was too windy and the waves to strong for a safe swim. On top of that Entertainment Manager Adrian and his colleague Victor organised every day a range of daily activities with an impressive respect for the guest’s privacy: yoga, stretching, aqua-gym classes – all done in areas which are not interfering with those who will just want a relaxing day at the pool. And one day Victor organised for the guests a little surprise: an entertaining Sangria-making demonstration.

Click here to see a video report about the pool and spa experience

Looking at the full half of the glass, because of the weather I had time to further explore the beautiful grounds of Melia Tamarindos, impeccably maintained and perfect balancing the chaotic architectural “lack of style” of the rest of San Agustin suffering after invasion of cheap accommodation

Click here to see a video report about the garden and gym experience

“THE LEVEL” is the best option if you choose Melia Tamarindos for your holiday. A series of exclusive services are provided for those lucky to get a “black card” and enter THE LEVEL: a daily newspaper of your choice in the room, exclusive access to The Level Lounge where you can enjoy a range of snacks and a hot and cold drinks in an elegant and relaxed setting, a modern business centre from 10am to 6pm in The Level Lounge, 30 minutes of sauna every day at SPA IN plus a  5% discount off treatments, 1 hour free tennis and squash every day and of course access to an exclusive solarium terrace closer to the beach with jacuzzi, fruit, cava, wine, coffee, juices and water perfect area to relax for guests over 16s. And of course, everything continues in your room:  a welcome gift, the Level high quality bathrobe and slippers, a free late check-out, a Nespresso coffee maker (like home!!!), the excellent Loewe bathroom amenities, a pillow menu and of course the turn-down service. Is like being in Paradise!

And this time, guess what: I didn’t leave the hotel! Every night in Jameo Bar, Adrian, the Entertainment Manager scheduled musicians and various performances which created the perfect ambiance for couple of drinks. I said it before: you don’t go to the Canary Islands to watch a  high class performance or something like that. At Melia Tamarindos the evening entertainment was decent, tailored on the audience expectations and complemented by a trendy bar atmosphere where the service was always aiming high standards, Suanel’s smile and Pedro’s good mood were contagious.

Click here to see a video report about Jameo bar and the LEVEL Lounge experience

Couple of times I had the chance to have a chat with Mr. Ivan Mesa, the Deputy Manager of Melia Tamarindos and I understood very clear that “Everything is Possible” is not just a marketing slogan, but daily reality, part of the work philosophy of the team. Last time my “official” moaning was related to the Wi-Fi signal but this time I couldn’t keep my phone quiet. Once you log in, from the lobby to your room, from the swimming pool to the bar the signal was PERFECT; Facebook, On-line conferences, Face Time, e-mail… name it and the WIFI at Melia Tamarindos will not be an excuse for not using them! Mr. Mesa mentioned how important the guest’s feedback is for the team in the common effort to achieve the perfect holiday and the example of how the suggestion of Scandinavian guests regarding a healthier and lighter option for lunch is now part of the all-inclusive package at Melia Tamarindos.

Click here to see a video report about TARA bar and restaurant experience

If you remember from my previous review, one of the highlights of my stay at Melia Tamarindos was the dinner at TARA BY NIGHT, the a la carte restaurant of the hotel. Who said that from exceptional you can not go any higher? This time the original plan of one booking changed to two bookings in one week! This is not because I eat a lot…just because the place is FANTASTIC. The Chefs Manu and Carlos and our waitress Juncal created two perfect gastronomic adventures with a great fusion between local cuisine and international flavours complimented by an amazing service. This time the team added the Chef’s recommendations, separated from the main menu which brought a touch of a personalised experience to the entire night. What a delightful night! But I’m still amazed that this fantastic restaurant is not more widely promoted for the tourists outside the hotel!

Click here to see a video report about TBN restaurant experience

I spoke couple of times about pros and cons of an “all inclusive” holiday especially when you consider that food is such an integral part to travel and the discovery of a culture as it’s reflective of the local customs Before visiting for the first time Melia Tamarindos I strongly believed, based on previous experiences, that in an all-inclusive resort, if you are lucky, food was good but sadly forgettable. There is no context to a great meal when it is served from a buffet line. No authenticity, no local flavour – the resort food was simply manufactured to meet the presumed wants and needs of its guests.

In Roque Nublo, the main restaurant at Melia Tamarindos, the food is never hit or miss. Experiencing for the second time an all-inclusive package here, I realised that the team in the kitchen try very hard and succeed brilliantly to create enjoyable mealtimes: high quality, good variety, and attention to detail, making Roque Nublo more a destination than a classic buffet restaurant. For each meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner, guests have impressive choices – a great combination of international cuisine, local Canarian dishes, healthy options and spectacular live cooking stations (the unbeatable Tamarindos’ show cooking).

The entire concept makes the all-inclusive option the best choice for a holiday. One thing you’ll find for each meal is a wide variety of all sorts of things… and the beauty of it is, since it’s all inclusive, if you don’t like something, you can try something else that perhaps you’ll like more. There is always something to be found that’s tasty and pleasing to the palate. It’s a great opportunity to broaden the food horizons and try new things.

Javier Lobaton deserves for sure the title of San Agustin Master Chef creating inventive, delicious dishes with beautiful presentation. Ivan Mesa, the Deputy Manager of Melia Tamarindos, told me that they needed to raise their game food-wise for hotel’s discerning guests and being a step ahead the competitors. I never saw so many Spanish, Scandinavian, Germans, British and Americans happy with their choices in Roque Nublo! To be honest, looking around in San Agustin, I couldn’t face the invasion of pizzerias, restaurants with horrible photo menus and the eternal “chicken with chips” and I ran back to Melia Tamarindos to enjoy accommodating, fun, and enjoyable mealtimes.

Click here to see a video report about Roque Nublo restaurant experience

Although, cruising will always be my first love (5 have already been booked for 2018), I’ve already planned a return to Melia Tamarindos in June and in October. The bottom line is: Melia Tamarindos is an ideal place for an all-inclusive stay and The Level concept is an excellent option for a memorable holiday.

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